Something wicked this way comes
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Something wicked this way comes

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Welcome to Hogwarts: A Harry Potter RPG

Its another year at Hogwarts school of Witch Craft and Wizardry, Harry Potter and his friends return for their sixth year of Magical Education.

However not all is as it seems; rumour's are spreading far and wide that the Dark Lord stirs restlessly in the shadows, his forces growing in numbers and power.

The Wizarding community is consumed by fear; the sacking of Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge, only portrays their anxiety.

With a dark cloud hanging over head, the students of Hogwarts still continue to attend school. Their teenage dramas of romances, rebellion and arguments still carry on unscathed through these dangerous times.

Hogwarts, a place the students believed would protect them from the outside world, or so they thought. Something vile crawls through the corridors of Hogwarts, scheming and plotting its very down-fall.


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Summer has come and gone, Leaving The Fall in its wake. With classes starting again, students will once again wonder the mystical halls of Hogwarts
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 Harry Potter Alternative Universe Rpg

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PostSubject: Harry Potter Alternative Universe Rpg   Harry Potter Alternative Universe Rpg I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 09, 2009 5:44 am

It is said there are many dimensions, Many different parallel universes, This is such a case as you will come to know and find for yourself in a new world similar to that of the legend, yet as different as you have been led to believe,Here we will explore the other side,. Where fate has been painted a whole new spectrum of colors.

There is no good without the existence of Evil, No light without the Darkness, Balance must be obtained or else the fabric of time will unravel and cease to exist, One side of the world cannot exist without the other side, You have unsuspectingly stepped through the looking glass, Like Alice life seems crazy and odd yet, It isn't for those who exist here, You have come to a new world, A world where the princes on white horses don't always get the princess, Where the world isn't black and white but many shades of gray.

You have the choice to continue down two paths in front of you, The left is what you know and what is safely home to your fairytale,

The right, A path of thorns, A path to wards the reality of it all, The truth ahead of you is destiny let it unfold or fight against it and try to change it.

Sunnydale, California was destroyed leaving a hole in the fabric of space and time. Dawn was in Greece when she got her Hogwarts letter. Her sister Buffy after talking it over with Rupert Giles decided to let Dawn go to Hogwarts.

**Buffy is not a playable character in this Rpg**

Severus Snape is the Headmaster of Hogwarts and he is the same old Snape. (However Harry has seen his memories due to the snake attack,though in this twisted rp he survives the bite from Nagini)

The Deputy Headmaster of the School due to the will of Albus Dumbledore would become Rupert Giles himself. Giles after careful consideration decides to take the honor and reveals that he himself was a former Slytherin and went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He recruits several of his colleagues as teachers for the school.

Willow Rosenberg who has come to find out she indeed is a Weasley by birth. It is revealed as her parents finally decide to tell her she is adopted. At the time of her Birth, Lord Voldemort was high in power and he was killing all the powerful children born.

Molly and Arthur Weasley gave their daughter Willow Ann up to make sure she had a future. When Willow discovers this she is amazed to find she has many siblings and she doesn't feel so much out of place anymore.

Lindsey McDonald has traveled back to Scotland as he has done so, He is curious about a ruin in the side of a cliff, Upon further examination he realizes it is a castle. As he enters the front gate he is welcomed by Professor Head Mistress McGonagall. He is then explained why he could see the castle and most Muggles should not be able to.

His hand is that of a necromancers, a Wizard of the power over the dead. He is then invited to teach as Minerva sees the potential in him to do great things. Lindsey at first struggles then he is actually enjoying his new life. All revenge against Angel has been wiped from his heart.

Cordelia Chase lay in a coma, She awoke to find herself in a forest, She screams as she does Hagrid finds her and brings her up to the Castle. Some short time later Cordelia awakens and she is explained everything. She is found out to being a witch, Her power is Telekinesis and psychic ability.

****Supernatural Season Five****

Dean and Sam Winchester are riding down route 66 when they stop at a huge crater which their map says used to be Sunnydale, California. With the rumor of Lucifer lingering about the former Hell mouth, They go to investigate. What they find in that as soon as they enter the hole, they are transported to Hogwarts, the castle around them is ominous and magnificent. They are greeted by the ghost of Albus Dumbledore who explains that their world is but just a part of their own. He explains that there was a time rift and that in this world there are no demons. There are Vampires, Werewolves and other creatures of mythology but no demons like they faced on a daily basis.

Dean is determined to leave. He then meets Lindsey McDonald and they find out that they are cousins, that their mother was Lindsey's mothers sister. Knowing the existence of demons themselves thanks to their profession, they are able to see Hogwarts and all that encompass it.

Angel is sitting on the beach in Mexico when he gets a strange letter. As he opens it he is shocked to find that he has one living relative, A Boy named Harry Potter.

Angel wonders if all of this is cruel joke as he decides to travel to England to find out. He is taken to platform 9 3/4ths and arrives at Hogwarts. As soon as he arrives he looks at This boy almost a man Harry potter and realizes that Harry looks exactly like his Brother Gideon who had children who survived Angelus' reign of terror all those years ago.

Angel learns that indeed that Harry is his nephew and that through his mothers bloodline, He too would have become a wizard if the circumstances had been presented to him. He found out his Catholic Father had burned his Hogwarts letter and so Angel formerly known as Liam is granted his Shanshu finally. He seeks to reconcile with what family he has left.

William Malfoy is transported to Malfoy Manor where he sees his son Draco. Lucius and Narcissa are besides themselves as it is revealed to their only son that he indeed is their nephew.

Narcissa had given birth to Draco by use of a magic spell when it was deemed she was unable to bear an Malfoy heir the normal way.

Spike also known as William Malfoy was chosen to contribute his essence and blood for the spell to work. As he is Draco's Father and was indeed a Vampire at the time, Draco has vampire blood in him. Spike has come to Hogwarts to teach and also to observe his son and help him if he is to indeed go through the changes into a Dampier or half blooded Vampire. (Up to Draco if he changes or not)

From America, A secret coven of Male witches are summoned to come to England thanks to a dream of Caleb Danvers. In this dream he sees a new evil coming to power. What that evil is, is yet to be determined.

With Caleb comes Reid Garwin, Pogue Perry and Tyler Simms. They will face the challenges of Hogwarts as well as find out a bit more about their power. What will the Son's Of Ipswitch find out?

Professor Severus Snape has survived the war and he is the same pompus ass he always has been.

Snape has a daughter as well from a previous liason with a muggle born witch, her name is Rayann Phoenix and she is a Gryffindor. Both she and her father and Aeryn reside at Prince Manor while not at school.

Aeryn and Rayann are as close to sisters as they can be.
Aeynn and Blaise are half siblings..

***Our resident Bad guy and evil being is many demons,Angels and other characters that will descend upon Hogwarts.. ***

What will happen when past enemies,rivals and friends come together? When these world's collide it is anyone's guess..

There is no Storyline: Just a site Premise, you have free range to create and weave the story.. If you've ever wanted to write for any of these genre's here's your chance to get your ideas, thoughts and play your favorite character..

This is a RPG site,a crossover for Harry Potter,Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel The Series,Supernatural,And The covenant.

Site rating is Pg 13 unless stated otherwise, For Rpg writers of all levels.

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Harry Potter Alternative Universe Rpg
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