Something wicked this way comes
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Something wicked this way comes

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Welcome to Hogwarts: A Harry Potter RPG

Its another year at Hogwarts school of Witch Craft and Wizardry, Harry Potter and his friends return for their sixth year of Magical Education.

However not all is as it seems; rumour's are spreading far and wide that the Dark Lord stirs restlessly in the shadows, his forces growing in numbers and power.

The Wizarding community is consumed by fear; the sacking of Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge, only portrays their anxiety.

With a dark cloud hanging over head, the students of Hogwarts still continue to attend school. Their teenage dramas of romances, rebellion and arguments still carry on unscathed through these dangerous times.

Hogwarts, a place the students believed would protect them from the outside world, or so they thought. Something vile crawls through the corridors of Hogwarts, scheming and plotting its very down-fall.


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Summer has come and gone, Leaving The Fall in its wake. With classes starting again, students will once again wonder the mystical halls of Hogwarts
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 Constance Paquet

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Constance Paquet

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PostSubject: Constance Paquet   Constance Paquet I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 22, 2013 3:35 am

OC Profile -

First Name:  Constance
Last Name:  Paquet
Age:  11
Date of Birth:  August 22nd, 1985
Heritage:  Half-blood
Nationality:  French, Irish

Appearance; (options)

General Apperance:  Constance has a straight face with pale, fair skin with dimples, rosy red lips, a crooked nose with freckles and rosy cheeks.  She has athletic arms, legs and an Constance dresses for the weather or occasion.   Her smile is very thin and beautiful and always smiles. She also has glasses that she uses for reading and writing.  She is one of the shortest in her class.  

Unique features: Pale olive skin and long eyelashes.

Dress Style:  When it is cold, she will wear a fur-lined cloak.  Her style is semi-formal. She wears short dresses and cloaks for balls and dances, depending on the climate and weather.  To casual get-togethers, she will wear a skirt and a dressy cowel neck t-shirt.  She also loves her Hogwarts uniform and the way it looks upon her.  She also wears Muggle clothing when she is going to see her mother's family. athletic build and figure.


Traits:  Constance is very witty and intelligent towards her housemates and in her magical education at Hogwarts.  She gets top marks in all of her classes.   She helps her friends but doesn't point out every single little thing.  She loves people who are friendly and polite and not with cool people because it is not a good area to hang around in because she likes to hang out with the kind of people who do things the right way and cool people sometimes do bad things.  She does only what is best for her friends and family, because it is the right thing to do and defends them because she is there for them always and defends any people on the street and people who are not good people.

She is very bright but tends to get off track sometimes and dozes off because she gets drowsy easily because she doesn't sleep much of the time because has insomnia.  She respects others as they want to be respected and shows integrity because she loves her friends and family.  On first impression, she tends to be a bit bossy towards her friends and acquaintances and tends to lose friends and get into arguments.  When this happens, she will apologize within hours of the incident.  She will put her housemates first after her homework by protecting her house and advocating for them by not letting her friends down.  When something happens to her friends, she will seek revenge by standing up to the person who did it.

Respect: It is very important to her because she doesn't like anything out of the ordinary and will do anything for her friends and family.  She admires her family and friends, despite their issues.

Flowers She loves their nature and the scent. She wants to learn more about flowers.  She reads about flowers in books and uses dittany everyday.

Quidditch: She loves the sport and would like to become a Seeker. She is a fan of the French National Quidditch team and her dream has always been to play the sport.

Prejudice:  Many of her house-mates are Muggle-borns or Half-bloods.  Any prejudice that she witnesses is trouble in her words.   If someone bullies her friends, she will confront that person.

Disrespect: Constance doesn't like rudeness or swearing because it disturbs her.  She will stand up for herself and fight for her life by dueling and fighting.

Disloyalty: Constance is very loyal to her friends and family.  She doesn't let disloyal people speak ill of her family or friends. If someone did, she would show how loyal she is to her family and friends by dueling and confront that person.


Constance is loyal and overprotective towards her friends and family.  She will stand up to her friends  because they mean so much to her.  She is willing to stand up for her family and friends because she loves them.  If any of her friends are injured, she will confront the bully by duelling them.  She is also very respectful towards others.  She would never be rude to anyone; the only time she would be bossy would be when she would be protecting someone by giving advice to save their life.  Her studies have been efficient thus far and she plans to keep on going where she is headed because she wants to become successful in her studies. She is honest and true to her friends because she is always true to herself.  Constance is very lazy when she is on her own.  She sometimes tends to not feel like doing things and sit around and do nothing because she sometimes gets stressed because of the Daily Prophet spreading bad news.  She can be selfish sometimes and not care for other people. She will often not do her chores and be rude to others because she prefers to stand up for herself than stand down in dismay. She sometimes won't trust anyone because she may not be in good space.  She does what is right but she does the wrong thing sometimes and gets penalized for it and accepts it as is.  At Hogwarts, if she gets detention, she will take it and serve it no matter what.  She served detention after confronting a bully because he cursed her best friend.  When she's angry, she will breathe and take a walk because it is the right thing to do.

Parents: Denise Durand (Muggle-born) and Vincent Paquet (Half-blood)
Siblings: none


Year: 1st year, Hogwarts
Strongest area of magic: Defense against the Dark Arts and Transfiguration
Weakest area of magic: Divination and Arithmancy
House:  Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff
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Constance Paquet
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